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出雲市 関屋補綴歯科工房

Best fit for both dentures and implants!

Sekiya Prosthetic Dental Studio in Izumo City,Japan.
We will do our best to satisfy both the dentist and the patient.

We will continue to make constant efforts and studies to improve our knowledge and skills in dental technology, and continue to provide excellent dental technology and sincere service.
Based in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, we promise to respond to every request with sincerity.


Putting the patient first, we provide satisfactory technical products and prosthetic devices that can be used safely over the long term. We want to pursue the satisfaction of patients and doctors. We will also consult with you about your budget and delivery date.
Please leave the implant / denture technician and the production of prosthetic devices to Sekiya Prosthodontic Dental Studio in Izumo City.

There are two types of dentures: insurance dentures and self-funded dentures not covered by health insurance.

[Insurance dental laboratory products]
crowns, bridges, CAD/CAМ crowns, complete dentures, partial dentures, others
[Dental laboratory work not covered by insurance]
implant, non-clasp denture,
orthodontics, others

[Management philosophy]
★We aim to be a group of professional dental technicians who can satisfy our customers, dentists and patients, by providing excellent dental technology and sincere service through constant effort and study to improve our knowledge and skills in dental technology.

★We aim to be a company where all employees value compassion, recognize each other's individuality and cooperate with each other, while building a prosperous life and bright future for each and every employee.

【Code of conduct】
Be sincere.
Always have a sense of purpose.

Think for yourself.

●Have critical thinking skills.

●See through to the essence of the problem.


Introduction of Sekiya Prosthetic Dental Studio


Production Examples/Equipment


Examples of Dental Laboratory Work


Examples of Partial Denture Fabrication


Examples of implant fabrication


Images of finished implant

Technical and Prosthetic Equipment

We are proud to introduce the latest equipment that supports our skilled workmanship and uncompromising spirit.

BEGO Casting Systems


Denture precision polymerization system
Parajet system
DS system

Nautilus T
High-grade high-frequency Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine
Miditherm 200MP
4-sided heating ring-furnace


NobelProcera Network Lab


Norbel Procera's CAD/CAM technology can be applied to produce the ideal prosthetics for each case.

With the introduction of CAD/CAM, the range of available materials has expanded, allowing us to offer products that meet the needs of patients and dentists.

LS 3 scanner


We have installed Cabo LS3.

The LS3 is an open-type scanner and is also compatible with intraoral scanners.

The LS3 scanner is much more efficient than its predecessors; it is equipped with a 3D sensor to handle undercuts, and in combination with the DTX Studio lab software, it is possible to produce restorations of natural teeth and implant abutments.

DTX Studio Lab🄬 Software


Based on the data precisely scanned by the LS3 scanner, further analysis and design is performed with the dedicated DTX Studio lab software.

Nobel Procera🄬


TThe 3D data created by the LS3 scanner and DTX Studio lab software is ordered to the Procera Production Center to ensure production.

Inside the Dental Workshop

We believe that the quality of the environment in the workplace is directly related to the quality of the deliverables. We value the working environment as much as the production equipment.

Indoor Environment


With a motto of "cleanliness first," we always strive to maintain a hygienic indoor environment.

Deodorizes and disinfects with negative mist ions


Crystal Ion CE-3000 is installed indoors.

It cleans invisible dust, dirt, floating mites, mold, and other microscopic dust particles by adsorbing them into the water.

It also works to control odors and bacteria.

About Representative Koichi Fukuda

Vice President, Shimane Association of Dental Technicians

Certified Dental Technician, Japan Dental Technicians Association

Certified Professional Dental Technician by the Japanese Society of Dental Technologists

Certified Dental Technician, The Japanese Society of Maxillofacial Articulation

BPS Certified Dental Technician

Member of the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology

Study Group Dedication Shoujyuku

代表 福田幸市


Nippon Dental Technology April 2013 issue remark

Nippon Dental Technology August 2014 Science
Nippon Dental Technology December 2016 Science
Nihon Dengigi May 2018 Science
2015 Hiroshima Dental Journal Vol.43 No.1 2015
2016 Shimane Dental Hygienists' Association Workshop
Oral presentation at the 8th Annual Conference of the Chugoku-Shikoku Branch of the Japanese Society for Dental Technology
Japan Dental Technology Society Chugoku-Shikoku Branch 9th Annual Conference Poster Presentation
Japan Dental Technology Society Chugoku-Shikoku Branch 10th Annual Conference Oral Presentation
Poster presentation at the 12th Annual Conference of the Chugoku-Shikoku Branch of the Japanese Society for Dental Technology

【Brief personal record】
1961 Born in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture (former Hirata City)

1983 Graduated from Shimane Dental Technical College
1983 Joined Art Dental Laboratory
1991 Employed at Yamada Dental Clinic
2002 Employed at Ibara Dental Clinic
2003 Completed Denturum Casting Seminar
2004 Completed BEGO Casting Seminar
2005 Nakashiro Juku 5th class
2010 Completed e.max press basic course
2012 Appointed Director of Academic Department, Shimane Dental Technician Association
2013 Dental Technician Certified by the Japan Society of Maxillomandibular Dentistry BPS Certified Dental Technician
2016 Appointed Vice President of Shimane Dental Technician Association
2017 Japan Dental Technician Association Certified Lecturer Dental Academy Tokyo Implant Course Completed
2018 Completed implant expert course at the same school
October 2018 Professional dental technician certified by the Japanese Society of Dental Technology
November 2018 Opened Sekiya Prosthetic Dentistry Studio

A favorite word
”You must be the change you want to see in the world.”


​About Dental Studio

Studio name

Sekiya Prosthetic Dental Studio






Monday - Saturday 8:30 - 18:00



National holidays

Golden Week(Japanese holiday from April 29th through May 5th which has consecutive national holidays.  )


The year-end and New Year holidays


2F Wakaba Bldg. 257-2 Imaichi-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane, Japan


Railroad/Kitamatsue Line Dentetsu Izumoichi Station 11 min. walk
/JR San'in Line (Yonago - Masuda) 14 min. walk from Izumoishi Sta.
/Taisha Line Izumo-taisha-mae Station 18 minutes by car
Car: South side of Imaichi Elementary School across Route 184

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